Service Rules & Acts (Service Matters)
Category :
Sr. No.CategorySubject/ TitleNo.Dated
1 Group-CH.Q.Cadre Ministerial(Group C) Service Rules,1982(Amendment 29/09/2016CHD/0093/2015-201729/09/2016
2 Group-CH.Q.Cadre Ministerial(Group C) Service Rules,1982(Amendment08/09/2015)CHD/0093/2015-201708/09/2015
3 Group-CCircle Cadre Ministerial(Group C) Service Rules,1989(Amendment 08/09/2015)CHD/0093/2015-201708/09/2015
4 Group-CH.Q.Cadre Ministerial(Group C) Service Rules,1982(Amendments:- 24/05/1996, 08/11/2013)GSR 69/Const./Art.309/201308/11/2013
5 Group-CCircle Cadre Ministerial (Group C) Service Rules, 1989(Amendments:- 26/05/1995, 08/11/2013)G.S.R 68/Const/Art 309/201308/11/2013
6 Group-BHaryana Public Health Engineering Department Hydrologist and Geophysicist (Group B) Service Rules, 2012 and further amended 2015GSR5/Cont.Art.309/201209/02/2012
7 Group-CDraftsmen and Tracers (Group C) Service Rules, 2011G.S.R.13/ Const./Art.309/1105/08/2011
8 Group-CCircle Cadre Mechanical (Group C) Service Rules, 1998(Amendments:- 25/09/2009)GSR 24/Const./Art. 309/200925/09/2009
9 Group-DH. Q. Cadre Ministerial (Group D) Service Rules, 1993(Amendments:- 30/07/2009)GSR 16/Const./Art.309/200930/07/2009
10 Group-DCircle Cadre Ministerial (Group D) Service Rules, 1995(Amendments:- 30/07/2009)GSR 17/Const./Art. 309/200930/07/2009
11 Group-AHaryana Service of Engineers (Group A) Act, 2009Leg. 13/200920/03/2009
12 Group-BHaryana Service of Chemist (Group B) Service Rules, 1996G.S.R. 42/Const. /Art. 309/9631/05/1996
13 Group-BCircle Cadre (Group B) Service Rules, 1996G.S.R 39/Const/Art 309/9624/05/1996
14 Group-DCircle Cadre Mechanical (Group D) Service Rules, 1995G.S.R. 96/ Const./Art./309/9524/11/1995
15 Group-CJunior Engineers (Group C) Service Rules, 1986S.R.84/ Const./ Art. 309/8608/12/1986
16 Group-BH. Q. Cadre (Group B) Service Rules, 1985GSR 9/Const./Art.309/8508/02/1985
17 Group-BPunjab Service of Engineers (Class II) Rules, 1966(Amendments:- 02/11/1993, 16/10/1998, 09/04/1999, 29/03/2004)G.S.R. 252/const./Art. 309/6624/10/1966
18 Group-CPunjab Public Works Sub-Ordinate Services (B and R Branch) Rules, 19341456-E30/10/1934