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  • Piped Drinking Water Supply in Villages & Towns.
  • Sewerage Facilities in Towns.
  • Storm Water Disposal in Towns.
  • Construction of Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Sanitary Amenities in Government Buildings.

Important Milestones

  •  Haryana is one of the foremost States in the country to have the rare distinction of providing piped water supply facilities in all its villages by 31st March, 1992
  •  Under the Yamuna Action Plan Project Phase-I, Sewage Treatment Plants were constructed in the towns of Yamuna Nagar- Jagadhri, Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat, Faridabad & Gurgaon alongwith works of laying of interception & diversion sewers. The works undertaken under this project were commended by Government of India and Japan Bank of International Cooperation.
  •  In order to provide sustainable drinking water supply in Mewat area, the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Augmentation Drinking Water Supply Project has been taken in hand at a cost of Rs.205.91 crore under Phase-I. The project envisages construction of 3 Nos. Ranney Wells in the plains of river Yamuna in the villages through a network of rising main/ distribution system with boosting stations at appropriate places.
  •  In order to augment the drinking water supply in villages to a level of 70 lpcd in NCR area, a project for 7 districts, costing Rs.162.10 crore has been taken in hand, which will benefit 669 villages.
  •  The Public Health Engineering Department has taken up the work of providing adequate drinking water arrangement in Scheduled Caste Bastis and a special campaign has been launched since 2005-06. 500 Scheduled Caste Bastis were benefited with adequate drinking water supply facilities during 2005-06 and during the current financial year, it is proposed to extend this facility in another 450 Scheduled Caste Bastis.