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Sr. No.Subject/ TitleBranch NameMemo NumberIssue DateUpload On
1 Use of D.I pipes in PHEDSupdt. Programme67206-6722005/08/202005/08/2020
2 Receiving 10% Community contribution from Gram Panchayat towards in Village cost of Capital works under Jal Jeevan Mission in Haryana Govt. Treasury and its release back after commissioning.SE(R)58708-22 -PHE/R08/07/202013/07/2020
3 Local Purchase CommitteeSupdt MM Cell57856-57938-PHED/MM (5)06/07/202014/07/2020
4 Publication of notice for issuance of directions under Section 33 A of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 1974 regarding treatment of sewage and fixing of stringent effluent discharge standards of Faecal Coliform Parameters for Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).Supdt. Urban56732 -PHE/Urban03/07/202003/07/2020
5 To study of tender document of specially fabricated tailor - made sewer cleaning machine of Delhi Jal Board.Supdt. Urban56857-71 -PHED/ Urban03/07/202006/07/2020